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Why you need a Sex Crime Attorney

Some attorneys say that they represent sex crime defendants, but the truth is that they do not really want to. They will either raise the fee so high that you will move along, or they will begrudgingly take the case if you are crazy enough to pay their ‘go away’ figure. Later, they will stand noticeably distant from you in a way that communicates to you and jurors that they would rather represent a murderer.

Other attorneys will take the case, but give you the ‘reality check’ speech, making it clear that they will not fight for you because they have been convinced by the police reports. Maybe they’ve never seen before how easily the worst allegations can be completely flipped with a little independent investigation. They’ll tell you that the situation is hopeless and go to trial if you insist, but resent you for it.

Other attorneys are simply too busy because they run a volume practice. You’ve seen them – the ones who walk into court with a Bluetooth earpiece, carrying around a clipboard with fifty names all set for the same day and same time. When the judge calls your name on the docket, your attorney is nowhere to be found. In fact, you have to re-introduce yourself to your attorney on each setting. This attorney is constantly resetting your case, but little actual progress seems to be made. This attorney will be happy to waive your case up to the trial court without having a preliminary hearing, and then decline to represent you at the trial level.

Don’t make the mistake of hiring the attorney who doesn’t want your case, the attorney who doesn’t believe you and won’t fight for you, or the attorney who’s too busy to give your case the time and attention it deserves. You need an attorney, but not one of these.

When you are in your darkest hour, I will be there to support you. I will proudly stand by you and not blame or condemn you. A defendant charged with a sex crime offense should not have to be afraid that their own attorney – the one person placed in the position to care for their reputation and freedom – will not support them.

I understand how bad the situation looks based only on the accusations because I’ve seen it all before. I’ve seen a witness take back the entire story moments before trial; I’ve seen an expert witness be completely impeached because of her professional bias; I’ve seen forensic reports that actually proved the defendant’s innocence rather than guilt. Most importantly, I’ve seen jurors shake their heads no to the State’s proof and return a favorable verdict. If you’re charged with a sex crime, you need a sex crime attorney.

Don’t wait any further – contact my firm today to provide the defense necessary for you or someone you love.

A sex crime is different from all other offenses