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The stakes are higher than ever before if you do not defend, defend incorrectly, or defend with the wrong attorney. Do not hire a DUI attorney when you need a Memphis Sex Crime Attorney. The cost of an attorney is minimal compared with the cost of a sex crime conviction.

How would you like to access instant, free legal information without even having to pick up the phone or make an appointment with an attorney? What if that information was 100% relevant to the exact crime you’re facing, created by an award-winning Certified Criminal Trial Specialist, rated as one of the Three Best Criminal Defense Lawyers in Memphis, and Memphis Sex Crime Attorney handling sex crime cases just like yours each day?

If that’s what you’re looking for, then you’ve come to the right place – this site contains videos, eBooks, consumer guides, and articles about specific sex crime offenses, penalties, and court procedures.

You are more than your case.

You have come to this site because either you or someone you care about has been accused of committing a sex crime involving a child or adult. Perhaps you are facing a charge like rape, sexual battery, or prostitution. You are looking for a Memphis Sex Crime Attorney, but you understand how important the next decision you make can be.

This is the darkest time in your life – a nightmare with no end in sight. Many of your own friends and family have distanced themselves from you based only on an accusation, as if they haven’t known you to be a good person your entire life. You wonder whether investigators will eventually come to the truth, or blindly pursue your prosecution regardless of what the tests reveal. You wonder whether you could ever receive a fair trial, and what the enormous penalty for the offense must be if you were to lose. Perhaps you’ve contacted a few attorneys who can squeeze your case in among traffic tickets and petty thefts, but you wonder whether they truly appreciate your situation, and whether they have the experience and dedication to fight the terrible charge you feel that you’re facing all alone.

Does that sound about right? I’ve been down this road with so many clients. I’ve listened to them feverishly explain that someone has gotten it wrong, that this is not them, and that they’re disgusted by the very accusations now being attributed to them. In some cases, an impressionable minor has been coached by a parent hoping to gain leverage in a pending custody dispute. In others, an angry ex-lover seeks to destroy the person who broke their heart. In many cases, multiple interactions with law enforcement and others with good intentions have blurred the lines between the interviewer’s questions and the alleged victim’s answers, creating false or tainted memories. The common characteristic in all of these cases is that these defendants need the best possible defense if they are to have any chance of success.

Sex crime offenses are unique from every other area of criminal defense.

Media outlets and politicians routinely seize opportunities to polarize and frighten audiences for personal and professional advantage. The general population has been misinformed with a lot of pseudo-science, which creates bias that jurors unwittingly bring into deliberations. People often jump to emotional, reactionary conclusions because of the unpleasantness of the accusations. The rules of criminal procedure and evidence are completely turned upside down for sex crime defendants, providing less Constitutional protection. Many sex crime cases such as rape, sexual battery, or prostitution will be prosecuted even when there is absolutely no forensic evidence to support it, which would rarely occur with other offenses. Most importantly, the District Attorney’s Office has an entire team of specialized attorneys, social workers, and victim coordinators who focus exclusively in this area to prosecute these offenses.

You need an advocate who is well-versed in how these specialized cases operate – an advocate who can be compassionate with fragile witnesses, yet aggressive with those who would wrongfully accuse. Your case requires an advocate who will seek out fact witnesses, provide extensive time preparing testimony, and provide a network of available expert witnesses. Your freedom depends on a Memphis criminal defense attorney who can connect with the jury, who is sensitive to the jury’s attention needs and can work comfortably with a variety of technical, professional exhibits. You need a first-rate defense and you know that seeking out the lowest bidder isn’t likely to provide it.

As a Memphis Sex Crime Attorney, I narrowed my practice to defend against sex crime accusations in an effort to level the playing field. In addition, I only take a limited number of sex crime cases because this is not an area for volume practitioners. If you are serious about going to trial to fight these accusations, contact my firm today to provide the defense necessary for you or someone you love. Don’t lose hope, there can be help from this situation.

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Read more about the services that I provide using this link above, where I discuss my special “Ask Anything” Strategy Session and Individualized Client Packets. This link discusses how I handle our first meeting, and how to make arrangements for one. As a Memphis Sex Crime Attorney, I give special priority to individuals facing accusations of Rape, Sexual Battery, or Prostitution, or any of the other sexual offenses, because I understand how crucial it is to begin immediately. I look forward to hearing from you!

What should I expect for my first court date?

Are you stressing about your first court date? That’s only natural, considering the serious accusations against you. This video will provide guidance on what to expect on your first court date. While you will probably be given more time to hire a court date, the best strategy is to hire a lawyer immediately. Whether you hire me or someone else, make sure that you hire a Memphis Sex Crime Attorney.

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How would you like to receive instant, free legal information without even picking up the phone or making an appointment with an attorney? What if that information was 100% relevant to the charges you’re facing, catered to the criminal courts of Shelby County, and written by an award-winning Certified Criminal Trial Specialist? Best of all, what if that resource was provided at no cost and with no commitment?

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