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Read more about the services that I provide in greater detail here, where I discuss my special “Ask Anything” Strategy Session and Individualized Client Packets. This link discusses how I handle our first meeting, and how to make arrangements for one. I give special priority to individuals facing accusations of Rape, Sexual Battery, or Prostitution, along with any of the other sexual offenses, because I understand how crucial it is to begin immediately. I look forward to hearing from you!

Sign me up! I want to purchase the “Ask Anything” Strategy Session and receive an Individualized Client Packet, all for only $100, and I understand that it can be applied toward the cost of representation if I hire J. Jeffrey Lee to be my attorney!

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“Ask Anything” Strategy Session
Mr. Lee provides his “Ask Anything” Strategy Session. This is much more than a five-minute “free consultation” that attorneys throw around to lure you into their office. Any attorney can offer a “what are you charged with” back and forth – what I am offering is a hold-the-phones, computer presentation that includes reading the affidavit of complaint, reading the statute, discussing the sentencing guidelines, discussing how this might affect your job and draft a letter to your boss, talking about what will employees see while the case is pending, talking about what actions might affect your bond, explaining where the case is now, where it’s headed, and the various results that may occur. We discuss whether a preliminary hearing is a good idea in your case, what witnesses may be called, what they can be expected to say, whether they would be harmful or hurtful, whether certain kinds of evidence are admissible during the hearing and more!

Individualized Client Packet
In addition to the strategy session above, Mr. Lee prepares an Individualized Client Packet containing important information designed specifically for you, with guides regarding your particular offense, criminal procedure, sentencing, and important, relevant cases that may affect your criminal matter.