Can a sex offender go to a TN public library?

Can a sex offender go to a TN public library? Based on the statute below, sex offenders can be restricted from accessing the public library. However, this only begins after a public library director mails notice to the offender’s address.

40-39-216. Restricting access to public library.

  • (a)  Public library directors shall have the authority to reasonably restrict the access of any person listed on the sexual offender registry.
  • (b)  In determining the reasonableness of the restrictions, the director shall consider the following criteria:
    • (1)  The likelihood of children being present in the library at the times and places to be restricted;
    • (2)  The age of the victim of the offender; and
    • (3)  The chilling effect of the use of the library by other patrons if the offender is not restricted.
  • (c)  Nothing in this section shall prevent a total ban of the offender’s access to a public library so long as the criteria in subsection (b) are considered.
  • (d)  The restrictions of this part shall be effective upon the mailing of notice to the address of the offender as listed on the sex offender registry. The notice shall state with specificity, the time and space restrictions. The director shall state in the notice that the criteria in subsection (b) have been considered.
  • (e)  A registered sex offender who enters upon the premises of a public library in contravention of the restrictions five (5) days after mailing of the notice may, at the discretion of the director, be prosecuted for criminal trespass pursuant to § 39-14-405.