Defending Against the Charge of Patronizing Prostitution

I’m pleased to offer this new free consumer guide called Defending Against the Charge of Patronizing Prostitution. Whether in person or through the Internet, folks are getting caught by undercover Vice Officers, and their private peccadilloes are being exposed. (Why we pay tax dollars to have law enforcement dress up like prostitutes and stand around waiting to nab lonely hearts, I’ll never understand.) Recently, even a retired Memphis Police Officer was pinched during one of these raids and charged with Patronizing Prostitution. I would link to the story but I don’t enjoy humiliating people.

In this free consumer guide, you will learn what defenses are available (and which aren’t), the range of punishment for conviction (including whether it is eligible for judicial diversion, whether it places you on the Sex Offender Registry, whether your personal assets can be seized upon conviction, and much more.

Here is an excerpt:

Question #1: How much trouble am I in?

As with many sex crime offenses, the greatest penalty of a conviction may not be not the actual potential jail time, but the social stigma it can cause. Imagine that a potential employer does a background check on you, and he or she learns that you were convicted for trying to sleep with a prostitute! So whether you actually have to serve jail time on it or not, your primary focus should be trying to avoid a conviction altogether.

Depending on the facts of the case, a conviction for this offense could result in jail, placement on the Sex Offense Registry (in some cases), a felony on your record, loss of your marriage, child visitation, employment, immigration status, loss of car or house (in some cases), and many more.

You are about to have to make a very difficult decision – do you have the heart for the battle to come? It will be very tempting to plead guilty rather than go to trial because it’s cheaper, quicker, and easier … but you will be wearing a scarlet letter forevermore.”

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